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One of SDC’s key strategies for economic growth is to partner with community-owned businesses for contracting work. Supporting those within and outside Takla Traditional Territory who are supporting us equals smart, sustainable investment.

Admiral Roofing Ltd.

Effective May 2022, Wildland Development purchased Admiral Roofing Ltd. 

Admiral Roofing Ltd. is a long-standing and successful family-owned business based in Prince George, BC. They are the largest commercial and industrial flat roofing contractor in central and northern British Columbia. With a background in general construction, Admiral Roofing has the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed professional industry standards. 

Virsa Group

Redefining Business Development in the North

Virsa Group was forged by a union between business leaders and the Takla Nation. They manage companies that provide leading services to the North and bring economic diversity to Indigenous communities.

  • Sustainability: We are experts in our land and territories. We prioritize measures that care for our land and protect our environment.
  • Synergy: We look for synergies. Our group of companies form a purposeful, complimentary network of services that add value to our partners and industry initiatives. 
  • Progress: We are forward-thinking. We move quickly and strategically to support long-term growth and continuous improvement.
  • People – We respect our people. We hire and invest in skilled industry experts who care deeply about what they do.

Virsa Group companies include:


Confluence Communications

Powered by Sasuchan Development Corporation business development leaders and backed by Monogram Communications‘ award-winning communications team, Confluence Communications provides unmatched communications consulting services in northern BC with experience honed across the country. We offer focused expertise in local industries, including forestry, mining, land development, energy, housing, tourism and many others.

Their services include: branding, websites, publication design, social media management, community consultation and engagement, integrated marketing and communications.

Through an integrated mentorship program, their team is strengthened by local Indigenous communications talent. We are dedicated to building a mentorship platform that educates and inspires future Indigenous communications leaders, making us the perfect partner for socially-conscious organizations and industry.

Wildland Development

Wildland Development is a construction management company that puts energy efficiency at the forefront of their services through design, construction and renovation – to create a livable future. They manage and facilitate construction of residential homes and commercial buildings that are net-zero energy ready. Their goal is to foster sustainable communities and businesses across Canada.

Sasuchan Environmental LP

Built on a 25-year collaborative partnership advising clients on fisheries, watershed management and mining initiatives, January 2020 marked an official LP between Sasuchan and EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. called Sasuchan Environmental LP was established in January 2020.

Their services include fisheries and wildlife management and research, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, Indigenous and stakeholder engagement, land-use planning, habitat restoration, construction environmental management and monitoring and regulatory permitting.

Together, they leverage their combined multidisciplinary skill sets and extensive local experience to provide clients with the best services and products to meet their needs and the hallmark of incorporating Western science with traditional environmental knowledge.

Takla-Blue Collar LP

Takla-Blue Collar LP offers services on reforestation, camp construction, catering and provides a work and training opportunity for Indigenous youth who are interested in future employment in the natural resources and hospitality sectors.

SBS Forestry Inc.

SBS is a forestry consulting company based in Prince George, BC and has operated over the last 30 years. SBS provides pre- and post-harvest services of which greater than 90% of their gross revenue is derived from timber development consulting, layout and timber cruising. SBS works closely with woodlot licensees, government and major forestry companies such as Canfor and Dunkley Lumber.


Sasuchan Development Corporation is an ambitious Indigenous economic development corporation that is growing and diversifying the Takla Nation’s economy. We seek out opportunities in non-traditional sectors including development, technology, real estate and retail as we grow sustainable businesses and partnerships. We hire bright and hard-working innovators, and generate opportunities for the next generation of leaders and community-builders. 

Sasuchan Development Corporation’s dynamic management team is guided by Indigenous vision. By partnering with us, you’ll work alongside First Nations leaders and professionals as we inspire careers and create wealth for Takla members.


We appreciate that every partnership needs to have value. And we know that we bring value to the table.

  • Our relationships with Takla community members can provide human resources for your next employment or project opportunity.
  • Partnerships with Indigenous-led businesses can lead to better brand recognition and positive business reputation.
  • A demonstrated commitment to the communities you work within can increase sales and customer loyalty, provide a greater ability to attract talent and retain staff, and even provide easier access to capital or reduce regulatory burdens.
  • Most importantly, partnering with SDC can help identify new business opportunities.

We have been increasing our focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and how we create value for our partners and the Nation.

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