Work With Us

Work With Us

Sasuchan Development Corporation is a powerful place to work alongside Indigenous leaders and professionals, and an ambitious management team. Our team is transforming Takla Nation’s economy and inspiring careers, and we invite you to take this journey with us. 

For youth, we offer diverse and unique experiences unlike anywhere else. For established professionals, Sasuchan is a place to share what you’ve learned throughout your career as you inspire the next generation of Indigenous leaders. 

We’re family-first. We understand that employees look for balance. We offer flexibility and hybrid work. We also offer a range of opportunities in different sectors/parts of our business – from forestry and development to technology, real estate and retail.

Jobs Across Sasuchan

Find a job at one of Sasuchan Development Corporation’s group of companies.

SBS Forestry
Prince George, BC
Sasuchan Development Corporation
Prince George, BC
Sasuchan Development Corporation
Prince George, BC

SDC Internship Program

In addition to creating economic wealth for the Takla Nation, Sasuchan Development Corporation is committed to inspiring careers. One way Sasuchan does this is through the SDC Internship Program. Takla members become immersed in Sasuchan’s departments and gain experience in a variety of roles.

Move Up Prince George

A Region Filled With Adventure

Prince George offers four-season outdoor recreation. Whether it’s mountain biking, fishing, ATVing or snowmobiling, you’ll find year-round adventures in northern B.C.

Partner With Us

Sasuchan Development Corporation is an ambitious Indigenous economic development corporation that is growing and diversifying the Talka Nation’s economy. We seek out opportunities in non-traditional sectors including development, technology, real estate and retail as we grow sustainable businesses and partnerships.

Sasuchan Development Corporation’s dynamic management team is guided by Indigenous vision. By partnering with us, you’ll work alongside First Nations leaders and professionals as we inspire careers and create wealth for Takla members.

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