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SDC Internship Program

Sasuchan Development Corporation has developed an internship program for Takla Nation Members who are registered as high school and post-secondary students; short term positions which will allow interns to return for long-term careers to sustain the future of Takla Nation. Our internship program goal is to provide company insight into the wide range of careers available within Sasuchan Development Corporation. This includes opportunities in forestry, road maintenance, accounting, communications, and Wildland Development.

The internship program promises to provide a high level of professional development and training that will prepare Takla high school and post-secondary students for senior roles within Sasuchan Development Corporation. Career of choice will be developed with exposure to economic development and the different careers within Sasuchan and with its partner companies.

When she was still in high school, Sashun Erickson joined Sasuchan as a Data Entry Clerk. Four years later, she has wrapped up her fourth year in the internship program. We spoke with Sashun about her experience as an SDC intern: 

How did the SDC internship help you develop? 

“It really helped me develop the skills that I wanted to develop. I wanted to go into the field more and to try communications. That’s how we started Word of the Week.” 

What was the experience like? “I had a blast. The internship allowed me to look into my own interests rather than what they (Sasuchan) wanted me to do. I would go out with foresters to Takla on field trips and see that work instead of being in the office. I might want to go into environmental work in the future so it was interesting to be in the field.” 

Word of the Week has been a success for SDC. Tell us about it! “We’ve had great feedback from all the talk that was generated from the Facebook page. It’s really cool to see and I’ve been keeping it up ever since. It’s nice to see Sasuchan embrace the culture and the language. They bridge that gap of being an Indigenous-owned company. The project is my baby – it’s one of the things I got to work on independently.” 

What do you see as next for you in your internship? 

“The connection between the lab setting and the field setting is something that I’d like to explore. I’m open to different opportunities with the business. I’d love to grow with them.

Internship Opportunities

No opportunities available currently.  Check back soon!

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