Sasuchan Development Corporation

Sah-sue-chan – Bear People


Who We Are

Sasuchan Development Corporation is the economic arm of the Takla Nation. Officially incorporated on February 11, 2016, Sasuchan has formed a partnership with Takla Nation, known as the Takla Lake Limited Partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to carry on and create various business ventures and other opportunities for the benefit of the members of Takla Nation. Our 3 main pillars: respect for the land, people and culture; create sustainable career and employment opportunities for Takla Nation members; and provide economic wealth for the Takla Nation.


Takla Nation created Sasuchan as a legal entity to generate wealth and create economy. Sasuchan supports Takla in achieving economic self-reliance, their social and community goals, and facilitates prosperity for the Nation as rights and title to the lands are exercised.



To lead the way to a sustainable, diverse and healthy economy for the Takla Nation.



The purpose of Sasuchan is to create economic wealth, inspiring careers, sustainable employments and business opportunities for the Takla Nation and conduct all operations in a manner that respects the land, the people and the culture. Sasuchan will leverage the Takla Nation’s rights to build a diversity of profitable and sustainable businesses both within and outside the traditional territory.


Core Beliefs

  • Respect for the land and our culture;

  • Protection for the capacity of the land to protect the environment, culture and economic well-being of the Nation;

  • Blending the western world with the traditional world, so it balances;

  • Purpose beyond profit;

  • Sharing knowledge and building understanding;

  • Operating with integrity;

  • Creating safety and security for all



Stewardship: We respect the land, the environment and each other.


Learning: We strive to continually learn and improve our ability to achieve our mission.

Balance: Respecting the wisdom of our people, we collaborate with business, industry, government and partners to leverage the rich resources of the Territory in sustainable and responsible ways.


Fairness & Equity: We are committed to maintaining the principle of fairness in providing opportunities to members, employees, and partners to achieve their goals and the goals of the Nation.


Community: We are committed to safety, transparency, and building a positive team.