Takla SIPs Project


Takla SIPs Project

Location: Takla Nation
Company: Wildland Development
Client: Takla Nation
Completed: Ongoing

What are Sips?

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB).  SIPs are manufactured under factory-controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money, and labor.

There are many benefits to using SIPs:

For more information on what SIPs are and the benefits of using this system, visit: www.sips.org/what-are-sips

In early 2021, we announced the establishment of Wildland Development and our goal to provide affordable housing solutions that are net-zero energy consumption and customizable to suit any family’s needs – creating a livable future. For more information on Wildland Development, visit: www.wildlanddevelopment.ca

Due to COVID-19 and the importance of keeping Takla community safe, this project experienced delays that have impacted the completion date, but we are well on our way to having the final products ready to showcase and we look forward to sharing this with everyone. It is very important to us to have consultation with Takla Nation community members to get to the root of housing needs. We will be planning a trip to the community in the Fall 2021 to discuss our goals, housing needs and how we can move forward to creating a livable future. Stay tuned for details!

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