New Office Building


New Office Building

Location: Prince George, BC
Company: Takla-Blue Collar LP
Client: Takla Nation
Completed: 2020

One of the most exciting things to happen in 2020 was the purchase of an office building for Takla Nation and Sasuchan – 510 Carney St, Prince George, BC. Officially purchased on August 7, 2020, we did not waste any time starting the renovations on August 10th – we were so excited!

There were a lot of pieces that went into the design of both offices, and we want to thank all companies who were involved for their hard work and diligence:

The design process was very collaborative between Takla Nation and Sasuchan, and Falkbuilt helped tremendously with the layout. Chief John French of Takla Nation provided direction on what he was   looking for on the interior. We were able to get a good idea of what was envisioned and brought the vision to life.

Purchasing this building has allowed both the Takla Nation Administration and Lands department and Sasuchan to remain close and build a strong, lasting relationship further strengthening the Nation and creating ongoing prosperity through collaboration of the two entities. Moreover, Sasuchan has continued to grow adding new full-time employees this year and foresees the addition of further team members in the future, moving into a larger space will allow the development corporation to continue expanding its services, ultimately leading to increased revenue and opportunities for Takla Nation members. Acquiring a larger space will also help us deliver more training opportunities for Nation members which is a key mandate of Sasuchan.

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