Here at Sasuchan Development Corporation, we have dedicated ourselves to driving forward projects that will greatly benefit Takla Nation. 

SIP Homes

The Sasuchan Development Corporation and Takla Nation are working together to build two Structural Insulated Panel demonstration cabins in Takla Landing.


These cabins will be net-zero homes and fully assembled in less than one month.


Driftwood Road Enhancement

Roadside Brushing.png
Pullout Construction.png

Takla Nation Headquarters

On October 26th, 2020 Sasuchan Development Corporation and the Takla Nation will be in their new office at 510 Carney Street.


This new building has been remodelled with a prefab wall construction and will be the new modern headquarters for the Takla Nation.

Stay connected through our Facebook page for updates and a virtual tour!

Fire Fuel Management


Mining Road

The Sasuchan Development Corporation, working with Takla community contractors, has built a 4.5 km access road for a mining client in the Takla Territory.


This all-weather road will allow exploration to be a year-round operation near Takla Landing.