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In December 2018, Sasuchan entered a share purchase agreement for 53.5% of SBS Forestry Inc. 

SBS is a forestry consulting company based in Prince George, BC and has operated over the last 30 years. SBS provides pre and post-harvest services of which greater than 90% of their gross revenue is derived from timber development consulting - layout and timber cruising.

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In early 2019, Sasuchan and Blue Collar Group entered a partnership known as Takla - Blue Collar Limited Partnership.

Takla-Blue Collar focuses on creating opportunities in tree planting, camp construction, catering, and provides training for youth under their First Nations Youth Training Program.

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In January 2020, Sasuchan and EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc announced the establishment of a partnership known as Sasuchan Environmental Limited Partnership.

The goal of Sasuchan Environmental is to leverage their combined multidisciplinary skillsets and extensive local experience to provide their clients with the best services and products to meet their needs. Sasuchan Environmental utilizes and incorporates Western Science into Traditional Environmental Knowledge to achieve their goals.

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Takla Nation Community Contractors

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Abraham Creek Holdings Ltd.

Owner: Rick Abraham

Phone: 250-649-8286 | 236-331-6799



Hand Falling


Road Building

Mechanical Brushing

Bridge Repair


Gravel Truck with Trailer


Crane Truck with man basket

Flat deck

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Road Building

Road Maintenance

Bridge & Culvert Installation

Mining & Exploration

Bridge Repair



330 Excavator

Low-bed truck